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Meditation is rest, absolute rest, a full stop to all activity – physical, mental, emotional. When you are in such a deep rest that nothing stirs in you, when all action as such ceases – as if you are fast asleep yet awake – you come to know who you are. Suddenly the window opens. It cannot be opened by effort because effort creates tension – and tension is the cause of our whole misery. Hence this is something very fundamental to be understood that meditation is not effort.

One has to be very playful about meditation, one has to learn to enjoy it as fun. One has not to be serious about it – be serious and you miss. One has to go into it very joyously. And one has to keep aware that it is falling into deeper and deeper rest. It is not concentration, just the contrary, it is relaxation. When you are utterly relaxed, for the first time you start feeling your reality; you come face to face with your being. When you are engaged in activity you are so occupied that you cannot see yourself. Activity creates much smoke around you, it raises much dust around you; hence all activity has to be dropped, at least for a few hours per day.

That is only so in the beginning. When you have learnt the art of being at rest you can be both active and restful together, because then you know that rest is something so inner that it cannot be disturbed by anything outer. The activity goes on at the circumference, at the center you remain restful. So, it is only in the beginning that activity has to be dropped for a few hours. When one has learned the art, then there is no question: for twenty-four hours a day one can be meditative and one can continue all the activities of ordinary life.
„But remember, the key word is rest, relaxation. Never go against rest and relaxation. Arrange your life in such a way, drop all futile activity because ninety per cent is futile; it is just for killing time and remaining occupied. Do only the essential and devote your energies more and more to the inner journey. Then that miracle happens when you can remain at rest and in action together, simultaneously. That is the meeting of the sacred and the mundane, the meeting of this world and that, the meeting of materialism and spiritualism.

OSHO, The Golden Wind, Talk #15

Interview with Pradeepa

Just reading your biography, I am curious, what brought you to the path of individual therapy and group facilitation?
The Path itself… It was a natural development. A parallel development I would say. When I embarked on my personal inner search, this development hadn’t crossed my mind. However, the gifts were so immense that it became a deep personal need to share them with other people. I am still in awe, every time as if for the first time, of the transformation I witness in the faces of people after a private session or after the end of a group process! There is great need for all the people who really want it, to be supported. I would like to be part of this support system and share my personal understandings, my experience and my knowledge through the training I have had.

Why have you decided to facilitate OSHO Born Again?
As a facilitator, Born Again is a process that suits me, I feel it is a part of my own essence. My presence is subtle, and I offer vital support, where and when guidance is needed. Through play, the unique qualities of the child emerge so naturally and innocently and in combination with silence they bring transformation in quite a magical way. So, that’s what won me over!

Do you facilitate also other meditative therapies? What is your favorite one?
I consider all of the meditative therapies, as well as all the other OSHO meditations, masterfully structured from a scientific as well as a spiritual point. They are all unique and not really comparable. Right now, what moves my heart and soul the most is Born Again. So, I am currently focusing and channeling all my energy to the Born Again meditative therapy!

How was your first OSHO Born Again group? Where was it?
It was 18 years ago in Athens, at the OSHO KIRTAN CENTER. Even now, I close my eyes and I can connect with the joy, the excitement, the freedom, the play and the naturalness that I experienced back then with a crazy and very imaginative group of friends!

Where else in the world do you facilitate OSHO Born Again?
In Athens, of course, at OSHO AFROZ last September and quite possibly in the upcoming season. This coming March, in Israel. And the road ahead is wide open!

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