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Interview with Dhyan Pradeepa

by Nadeen for OSHO Love Praha

Just reading your biography, I am curious, what brought you to the path of individual therapy and group facilitation?
The Path itself… It was a natural development. A parallel development I would say. When I embarked on my personal inner search, this development hadn’t crossed my mind. However, the gifts were so immense that it became a deep personal need to share them with other people. I am still in awe, every time as if for the first time, of the transformation I witness in the faces of people after a private session or after the end of a group process! There is great need for all the people who really want it, to be supported. I would like to be part of this support system and share my personal understandings, my experience and my knowledge through the training I have had.

Why have you decided to facilitate OSHO Born Again?
As a facilitator, Born Again is a process that suits me, I feel it is a part of my own essence. My presence is subtle, and I offer vital support, where and when guidance is needed. Through play, the unique qualities of the child emerge so naturally and innocently and in combination with silence they bring transformation in quite a magical way. So, that’s what won me over!

Do you facilitate also other meditative therapies? What is your favorite one?
I consider all of the meditative therapies, as well as all the other OSHO meditations, masterfully structured from a scientific as well as a spiritual point. They are all unique and not really comparable. Right now, what moves my heart and soul the most is Born Again. So, I am currently focusing and channeling all my energy to the Born Again meditative therapy!

How was your first OSHO Born Again group? Where was it?
It was 18 years ago in Athens, at the OSHO KIRTAN CENTER. Even now, I close my eyes and I can connect with the joy, the excitement, the freedom, the play and the naturalness that I experienced back then with a crazy and very imaginative group of friends!

Where else in the world do you facilitate OSHO Born Again?
In Athens, of course, at OSHO AFROZ last September and quite possibly in the upcoming season. This coming March, in Israel. And the road ahead is wide open!

How is it that you will facilitate OSHO Born Again in Prague :)?
 Are you looking forward to this group?
I am truly thrilled! I have worked in Czech before and I have admired the honesty, the will and the persistence of the Czech people to reach awareness and change. I very much look forward to meet again all those wonderful people, and even new friends, and witness their transformation through play, joy, freedom and meditation!

Have you been to Prague/Czech Republic before? Do you like Prague?
I saw Prague for the first time in the movies. It was a film with Daniel Day-Lewis and as I was watching it, I could feel this place “sucking” me in. “I want to go there!” I said to myself. Ten years ago I came as a tourist. This past year, I was asked to assist 3 groups of my very good friend and  renowned therapist Prem Sugandho. Also, in the next two months, I will be in Czech 3 more times, for Born Again and for educational reasons!

What is OSHO meditative therapy?
When we say Meditative Therapies, we refer to Mystic Rose, No Mind and Born Again. These three Meditative Therapies were designed by Osho himself. The term Meditative Therapy itself was coined by Osho himself. These are processes that replenish our vitality and free us from old and stagnant energy, creating space for silence. This happens actively, bypassing the analytical mind. They are meditations, the daily repetition of which allows us to get in touch with our inner self and so it is possible for the healing, the therapy to happen.

What can you say about OSHO Born Again? ( If you would choose three words to describe the process what would those be ?)
Freedom, Innocence, Reconnection!

What is the difference between OSHO Born Again and usual therapeutic groups working with the inner child?
I wouldn’t use the word “difference”. One group/process does not exclude or nullify the other. On the contrary, these are different processes that work together and support each other in order to achieve a common goal: to bring awareness to the surface and the chance to reconnect with the healthy qualities of the Child. However, in OSHO Born Again there is not any psychoanalytical approach or structure. It is clear that the participants have constant and direct contact with their own energy, without outside intervention.

What is meaning of the sentence…..”without going into psychological issues”?
I think that I already covered this question with my previous answer.

To whom would you recommend OSHO Born Again?
To whoever wants to change their life! Whoever has done primal work and has worked with the Inner Child, will get a unique opportunity with Born Again to reconnect with all these qualities and deepen their understandings, filtering out what is no longer useful to them. However, even for the people with no prior experience, Born Again is so designed that it can lead to change through play and silence. I would definitely recommend Born Again to young couples, irrespective of whether they have children or not. To new parents… To new grandparents… To those people who feel like the daily, “serious” and stressful routine sucks away their energy… To everyone that has had the Born Again experience before and wants to live through this deep yet playful process again!

What can one expect from this process? What can this process bring?
I wouldn’t like to go into what one should expect from this process. For each one of us the experience is unique. Afterall, we should allow for some element of surprise! Without going into details, I would say that what this process brings is a freshness and reconnection to the qualities of the child, which are unique and particular for each person. Each participant will get in touch with those qualities again and will have a challenge: through the Born Again process she/he will have learnt how to bring to her/his daily, adult life these vital qualities. Her/His life can change forever!